Saturday Music At The Wood

Where to Go & What to Do……

Beats Work'n Band

Cedarwood Saloon Cedarwood Saloon

Hey everyone Tim here again,

I am happy to say we will be playing in Grants Pass back at the Cedarwood Saloon for great dancing to classic rock, blues and country at Cedarwood  Saloon this Saturday . On behalf of the band and myself. I just want to say we love playing at the Wood, and want to thank them for having us back. With an awesome live venue, great food, and the friendliest crew in Grants Pass. Please stop on by if you’re out this way. For Saturday Music At The Wood with Tim Mitchell Beatswork’nBand.

Thank you…. BWB (:

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Cedarwood Saloon

Cedarwood: Local Live Entertainment Venue

Event: Saturday Music At The Wood

Located: 1345 Redwood Ave. Grants Pass Or.

Saturday January, 24th 2015

Hours:  9-1

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