1800 Beacon Dr. Grants Pass Oregon 97526

Today turned out to be a great day. My boyfriend sold a ladder on Craigslist. The man asked if we could deliver it so I rode out with him. The house we went to was not only historical built in 1929 but is round architecture. A unique home design concept. The man was friendly and happy to give us a tour all four stories and share what he knew about the house.I got a pic for my collection on our way out. 🙂I looked up the house on-line and found a great article that I’d like to share.

Round House on Beacon Dr.
1800 Beacon Dr. Grants Pass, Oregon 97527
Copyright Krysta Garrison
  • Ever wonder about this round house on Beacon Drive, well, it was built in 1929 by Joseph Calhoun, as the main house for his diary which spread out below to the Pacific Highway. Bertha Calhoun was his daughter and she inherited the house after his death, Bertha Calhoun was the dean of Girls at Grants Pass High School and passed away while living at the house in 1996.Posted by Michael Oaks thanks for allowing me to share your stuff Michael more of the story:Grants Pass has a number of landmark buildings, however there is one See more…
  • Information provided by: Just Josephine County History and pictures via – Sally Wright Yarbrough

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