“It’s The Climate”

Hi & welcome back, 🙂 This month has been just been flying by here in Southern Oregon. We have had some wild & wacky warm weather throughout the Rogue Valley that has allowed us to start our Event Season earlier than ever.  In Grants Pass Our Motto is ” It’s The Climate ” Our climateContinue reading ““It’s The Climate””

K’s Days Community

K’s Days Community Good Morning. 🙂 I love working from home. Its such an awesome feeling each morning to sit down go to works and see that what I created is being viewed and appreciated. It’s truly a dream come true for me, 2403 visitors is the magic number today…. I published my web pageContinue reading “K’s Days Community”

Hellgate Jetboat Excursions

Seasonal Scenic Trips Daily Trip Times: May 1 thru May 30 ………………..1:45 pm daily May 31 thru Aug. 24……………… 8:45 am & 1:45 pm daily Aug. 25 thru Sept. 1…………….. 8:45 am & 12:45 pm daily Sept. 2 thru Sept. 21 ……………12:45 pm dailyPrices: Adult:   Mon – Fri $40.00   Sat – Sun $42.00 Child:  Continue reading “Hellgate Jetboat Excursions”

Takilmafm Live Radio

Takilmafm Live Radio – Live radio My good friend Don Broadcasts live every Friday from 9am – noon. Don’t miss this weeks tribute. The Everly Brothers Home You can argue about whether the Everlys’ DNA is the most important part of rock and roll, but it is surely the sweetest, The Everly Brothers: “Bye, Bye Love” (mp3)Continue reading “Takilmafm Live Radio”

Grave Creek 6 miles to confluence with Rogue River, Oregon

Grave Creek 6 miles to confluence with Rogue River, Oregon. Third Annual Rainie Falls Hike –  Saturday April 26th 2014

K’s Days Community

Happy New Year!!!! I am happy to announce the latest changes for K’s Days. Our up and coming new Webpage – http://www.ksdayscommunity.com  (Still Under Construction) ” K’s Days Community ” domain has been reserved & with any luck our new webpage should be up & running soon. Thank you for all your support.